Why Blog About Jamberry?

I started blogging about a year ago and realized that it’s sort-of fun! Yes a bit like doing volunteer work but there is also CONTROL!!! It was really fun to create my own graphics even though it was extremely time consuming. See, it was a food blog (among other things). I did not realize beforehand how much WORK goes in to photography for a food blog. It was exhausting and it made me really hungry All The Time. I decided to put it on the back burner while the kids were home for summer vacation and, well, there it stayed. As soon as they went back to school I had this moment of total clarity: I have so much free time (sing to the hills)! I decided it was finally time to jump into this Jamberry business that I kept hearing about. Wait. What about the food blog? What food blog??


In September of 2014 I signed on as a consultant with Jamberry. It really seemed like a no-brainer. I was obsessed with the product, clearly they would sell themselves, and couldn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t. Fast forward 5 months and here I am jumping in to a whole new blog! When my business started stalling out I realized that I don’t get excited about “selling.” Yikes! Starting your own retail business and you don’t like “selling?” I took a step back and really evaluated what I DO get excited about – the marketing behind the business! It’s been an eye-opener for me. I love playing with graphic design! I love figuring out how to follow the rules of Jamberry while still being able to create something that looks like some thought and effort went into it. And, really, isn’t marketing your business “selling” it? Once I realized this I knew that I needed to focus on marketing. It would bring me happiness, satisfaction, and maybe a sale or two.

How does this blog fit in to all of that? I’m sharing my tips, tricks, and ideas about how to showcase your own Jamberry business and I will also throw in some client interests for good measure.

Brace yourself, I will likely stumble all over the place, but at least my nails will look good doing it.


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