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One of the most challenging aspects of being a Jamberry consultant is knowing the in’s and out’s of compliance. Jamberry has put together a great document in your dashboard called “Online Imagery Guideline” found under marketing. I will cover the basics of online compliance here but I highly suggest you go to that document for further details.

New text on images (1)

It’s so funny how many times I see product images with text added. It’s very basic: if your image (collage or not) has ANY Jamberry product in it you can NOT add text. Of course, there are exceptions just to trip us all up. You can add numbers to each image section on a game board or similar type image where numbering is required and you can add “Day 1, Day 2…” etc to longevity images. The key to making these exceptions compliant is to use a Jamberry approved font and to make sure the added text is NOT on top of the product or the subject wearing the product. Wait, what? Just put your text in a blank area of the image like the approved images below.

Two images showing where to place added text to an image with Jamberry product. The key is to place it NEXT to the subjects, not ON them.

New Compliance -photos (2)

The first 2 points in the photography section are pretty clearly explained. I would like to expand on the 3rd one regarding logos. Logos are a copyrighted creation and should be treated just like any other copyrighted image or character. This rule includes things like Disney characters, sports teams, and product brands. The most common one I see, and have been guilty of it myself, is the classic jamicure photo of the hand holding a Starbucks drink. If you can recognize the product as belonging to another brand then you can NOT use it in your photo. I have also seen photos of a hand holding another brands lacquer. What. Were. They. Thinking?!? NO! Don’t combine your product with the competition. OK, you can’t stop a customer from making this business faux pas but a consultant should be in the know.


In all my research I could not find who the little girl was from the My Reaction When meme. She is a celebrity!! So, she is off limits. Here is a really good article on the origin of some non-celebrity memes.

Success kid meme: "where do you get your nails done? I do them myself"
Download the bigger file from my Photo Gallery.

I would also like to touch on the celebrity issue. While celebrity images are pretty obvious there are some popular memes out there of non-celebrities that are continuously being used. Is it forbidden? Is the meme of a celebrity?? If not I would argue for it. Success Kid is not a celebrity. Is it a popular image? Yes. But celebrity? It is my opinion that if the person isn’t paid for their work then they do not qualify as a celebrity.

NEW- logo and FB page use

Straight from the company: “The purpose of this version of the logo is for you to be immediately identified by your friends, family, and customers as a Jamberry Consultant who they can come to as a resource for hosting a party, learning more about joining Jamberry, and purchasing products.”  Enough said.

Regarding personal/professional Facebook pages – what about your FB groups? Jamberry doesn’t explicitly say… ?

New Collages (1)

Most of this is pretty self explanatory. However, lets talk about the bullet point regarding licensed images. If you just do a Google image search and save-as you may or may not be stealing someone’s image. It is your responsibility to make sure the images you take from the internet are free to use. Well, how do you know if an image is free to use? You need to do a little investigating. MANY websites (blogs are notorious for doing “round-up” posts) will repost someone else’s content and this is where you need to be careful! Just because they say it’s free to use DOES NOT MAKE IT SO! If the site doesn’t provide a link to the original source then walk away and find another image. If they do provide that link then it is now up to you to do your homework.

In the next post I will go into further detail on how to find free images and track down their licensing.

Alright, hit me with your questions!

6 thoughts on “Jamberry Compliance

  1. First I would like to say I am LOVING your blog!! <3 You have really helped me out a LOT!! Thank YOU!

    Quick question.. I am wanting to show off some recent photos of Celebrities wearing Jamberry from the Go Red for Women Heart Health Awareness event in Feb. 2015. I would like to post them in a Facebook Party. Am I allowed to post them as long as the link to the original article with picture is in the description along with caption?

    1. Ambrosia, Thank you! THIS is a good question! I haven’t been able to find a definite yes or no answer on this. I BELIEVE that you can only post the Go Red celebrity photos that are on the Jamberry Flickr page. To make sure you don’t get caught up in compliance I would post an approved image from Flickr and then provide the link to that article. – I hope this helps!

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