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That is to say, use your content sparingly. :) I am starting this series on ad content to help consultants think about the message their ad is sending and will focus on ways to improve upon that message.

I was in a group the other day and someone shared a few graphics – one of them was a collage of four different collages. Four collages to make up one giant collage? It made my brain hurt and it got me to thinking – we need to slow down ladies!!! I know every consultant is working at warp speed to run her business on a skinny timeline but THAT sort of marketing just makes you look badsloppyandinexperienced. YIKES! If you need a collage of four separate collages to make your point then you should stop and reevaluate the point.

My Solution

Break up that post into several separate posts. CONTENT ftw! I know we are all worried about annoying our party and group members with too many posts so we try to consolidate the info, however, we also need to worry about our content coming across as professional. Does this look professional?

A cluttered Jamberry collage and how to fix it on idkblog.com
Way too much info going on here. Avoid cramming all of your marketing in to one graphic. It’s all over the place and your audience won’t stick around.

Can you imagine a professional ad agency putting out something like this? This sort of post will get you flagged as spam quicker than 4 pretty, concise, and spaced out posts. It will also cost you customers. I think the consensus among consultants regarding the Throwback Thursday promotion is that they only have a few minutes they can dedicate to this particular promotion  – initiate panic! We comb through our FB groups looking for work that has already been done when we could  spend that same amount of time and put together something easier, prettier, and more concise. We have 5 full days to put our marketing materials together, 5 full days to roll out the above info, and 5 full days to collect orders. We can do this and we can make it look good!!!

Promo step 1 – Tell your audience what they need to know

Break up your promo into several concise ads and spare your viewer the chaos - idkblog.com

This post contains the key info: Here’s our current promo, it’s available through…, provide your shopping link, and – Stop right there! That is plenty of pertinent info for one post.

Promo step 2 – Get them talking

How to break up your Jamberry marketing campaign and make it more viewer friendly - idkblog.com

It’s Thursday evening and you feel like it’s time to direct more attention to the TBT wraps. Share an in-action shot along with a sentence or two to engage your audience. Ask them what they think – Love it or leave it? If you are running a party and want to focus on the promo make a game out of it! If they love it they can post which wrap they would most likely pair it with. If they don’t love it they can post the absolutely worst wrap to pair it with… or whatever.

Did you notice I didn’t share 4 in-action shots? It’s a little too overwhelming. If you feel the wraps on hands is essential to sell the product then break up those graphics into separate posts. Again, 5 days gives you plenty of time to roll out those promo’s.

Promo step 3 – Give them ideas

Show your audience how to dress the design or how to pair it with other wraps. A centralized focus on the post is key - idkblog.com

Are you thinking “Hey lady, you just told us to limit our focus in each marketing campaign so as to NOT overwhelm our audience. What is going on here?” Well, my thought on the outfit/pairing collage is that they are one-and-the-same. ‘What shoes are you going to wear with that wrap’ and ‘What wrap are you going to pair with this wrap’ are really the same marketing tactic. It’s very focused on pairing and therefore I think it’s appropriate to promote both angles at the same time. If you didn’t play a pairing game in the second promo now is a good time. 😉

Does it need to be in the graphic if it makes sense as text?

Did you notice how I showed the audience 4 separate wraps and didn’t include the B3G1Free graphic? It isn’t necessary! We don’t have to include every single word in our graphics. This is a perfect example of how you can get away with less graphic noise simply by including some text in your comments. I would add a simple sentence in the comments of this post reminding your viewers that it’s always B3G1Free at Jamberry.


By focusing in on the content I was able to break up four posts, rearrange the info, and condense it into three separate promo posts throughout the 5 day TBT weekend. Keep the audience engaged and interested without scaring them away!

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