how to make those wordy graphics

How to create beautiful word graphics for Jamberry marketing -

I’m in several Jamberry Facebook groups and the most common post I see in them all is “Can somebody make me an image that says something about whatever?”  Ok, it’s not usually worded quite like that but you know exactly what i’m talking about. Here’s the thing – making a graphic with a pretty background and some fancy text over the top is super easy. You can do it yourself and you SHOULD do it yourself. Your business, your advertising, your responsibility. 😉

Smart phone App


The number one iPhone app used to create such a graphic is called Wordswag. Unfortunately, you can’t use it on your computer so if you have the dream of 1 workhorse for your business this app probably isn’t for you – don’t leave! I have a computer based option below. With wordswag you get tons of background options OR you can use your own image. Say what? Yep, save your image to your phone (or iPad) and then you can upload it in the app and lay all sorts of eye-catching fonts on top of it. Just remember to keep it compliant – this isn’t an app that you should be uploading Jamberry images to. It’s only job is to doll up your text and we all know you don’t mix text with Jamberry products. The app is $3.99 and there are optional upgrades – “like us on FB to unlock this text.”

Another app worth checking out is Cover – Photo Editor. At only $1.99 it offers some really cool options for editing your background photo as well as super cute graphics to go along with the eye-catching text.

On the computer

If you are trying to keep your business on one device you can make the same graphic using any graphic tool that allows you to layer: PicMonkey, BeFunky, Canva, Image in Google drive, Pixlr, etc. However, you will typically need to source your own background first. In this post I gave some sources for free media along with instructions on how to use them. A favorite for backgrounds is Webtreats and if you are looking for a high quality beautiful photo I suggest Refe and Unsplash.

So lets see how easy it is to create your own graphic using a computer, shall we? I am going to show you how to use Canva for two reasons – 1) It has many premade graphics ready to use for free  & 2) It has image templates for all social media sized and ready to go. Have you ever noticed that one image will look great on Facebook but if you Pin it most of your image is cut off? Or post the same image to Instagram and it gets cut off as well. That’s because all social media use differing display dimensions. Pro tip: Canva has presets for gift certificates, posters, fliers, email headers, infographics, postcards, and so much more! Do you see where i’m going with this? :) 

Step 1 – Choose Your Template

How to use Canva to create Jamberry word graphics -

We are going to create an Instagram wordy graphic. First, click on “Instagram Post” on the far right. If you don’t see what you are looking for click on the + sign to see the remaining templates.

Step 2 – Scroll Through Templates

How to use Canva to create Jamberry word graphics - step 2 -

On the bottom right you will see the free layouts marked as such. If it isn’t marked as free you can click on the “i” symbol and it will tell you how much the graphic layout will cost you – typically $1 – $3. If you don’t see a layout that you like you can create your own. Find a background that speaks to the meaning of the graphic and then add some text and graphics over the top.

I can’t imagine paying for anything that you are designing for online use other than maybe your business page cover photo. However, these pre-made designs can save you a ton of time and hassle if you are trying to put together a flier for an event, create a unique sample card, create in home party displays, etc.  At $3 for the higher end designs it is totally reasonable.

Step 3 – Customize Template

How to use Canva to create a Jamberry word graphic - step 3 -

At this point you can change the text, the font, the coloring of each font, add a background, etc. It is totally customizable! If you would like a circular symbol use the search field on the far left.

How to use Canva to create Jamberry word graphics - step 4 -

Or add several shapes! When you are satisfied with your design just click on the download button at the top of the page. Done!

How to use Canva for Jamberry word graphics -

You can apply this basic layering method to just about any graphic editing program. I also use Google Drawings in Drive however I have to source all of the graphic elements myself. :( That is a post for another day! What do you use to create your wordy graphics? Do you love it? I’m always looking for a new program with more features!


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