Designing Jamberry Images – An Overview

designing - OVERVIEW

Who can afford to pay marketing expenses when you only bring home $200 a month (or $600, or a big fat $0)? But those marketing materials are front and center in your business, right? Shouldn’t they look polished and professional? Maybe, maybe not. In the Jamberry community marketing materials are shared and swapped constantly. They are edited, tweaked, and posted online for the whole world to see. And they look like this:

Here the collage is overwhelming with too much product in varying sizes/color
Fall 2014 Holiday Wraps

What’s so wrong with this image? It’s not horrible. Wait, yes it is. OK, it clearly displays some of the choices that are available to your customer. So why not? Because there is nothing special about what is being displayed. None of these wraps stand out to me visually and the gridline border… just don’t. With a mashup of Juniors and Adult wraps the images don’t help each other out. There is so much product being thrown at the viewer with absolutely NO guidance as to what the viewer should be thinking. Isn’t that what marketing material should do? Get your customer to think?

I know I don’t have to worry about anyone using this image since it is outdated. Otherwise I would have to state: Technically it is non-compliant because the Jamberry logo has been cut off and therefore the HO image has been altered. :)

What about this image? Here I have narrowed down the focus and now the viewer has been forced to imagine the product in real life, on her own hands. She can see what these wraps would look like with a casual outfit! The point has been made (hey, we have really cute Christmas wraps like this!!), the product is focused on, and your viewers interest has been piqued.

You could go even further. If you really want to capture your audience you need to make them feel. What do you feel when you look at this image? I imagine a cozy dinner party next to a warm fireplace. I can feel the heat, given off by candles, turning my cheeks pink, the warmth of friendly conversation all around the table, and the slight breeze drafting in around the door.

A Jamberry image that invokes feeling by using a holiday image to compliment holiday product.
Again, if the compliance police showed up they would write me a ticket for the bottom Jamberry logo. Friends don’t give friends non-compliant images. ;)

These are definitely wraps I would wear to a holiday dinner party and that is how you want your customer to respond!

I will show you more of these do’s and don’ts, teach you how to create your own graphics, and outline the rules to follow when doing so. Stay tuned!

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