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Some tips to quickly fix a non-compliant Jamberry graphic - idkblog.com

The second most common post I see¬†scattered throughout every Facebook group I’m in is “Can someone make this compliant for me?” or “Can someone remove the word “Jamberry” and replace it with wraps?” or whatever. It’s not hard to fix and you can do it yourself! I’ve said it before and I think it bears repeating – Your business, your marketing, your responsibility. ūüėČ

I use a basic 2 step process to help me figure out what to do and it goes like this:

1. What is non-compliant about this  graphic?

What is it that I need to change? I make a note of it.

2. What is it about the graphic that I have to have?

What is it that I can’t reproduce on my own? Anything? Does it have to be identical or would just-very-similar suffice?

First of all, I should point out just how easy it is to recreate the graphic you want. If your graphic is just text and it isn’t compliant take 20 seconds and recreate it! It’s easy! Use compliant¬†wording and follow my tutorial on how to create a word graphic – problem solved… Or not. Maybe¬†there is something about your graphic that you just can’t figure out how to recreate. A cute icon, pretty photo, or a beautiful font that you just don’t think a graphic editor has. Hold the phone, I have just the Jamberry graphic!

How to fix a non-compliant Jamberry graphic - idkblog.com

This thing is everywhere, and for good reason. It really clears up the confusion on french tip lengths! However, it has text ON the image which contains a Jamberry product making it non-compliant. So, how do we get rid of the text and still keep the wrap image along with the message?? My super simple fix is to crop the image Р4 times! Once you have cropped the nail out of the non-compliant graphic you can put it right back in to a neat and tidy little package, like so:

How to fix non-compliant text on a Jamberry graphic - idkblog.com

Go to crop image and uncheck the lock aspect ratio.

How to crop out non-compliant info in a Jamberry graphic to make it compliant - idkblog.com

Then you can crop the photo and click save – this is the original naked nail.

You will repeat this process until you have 4 separate nail images saved. Then go back and collage all 4 images to make 1 compliant graphic. It is that easy.

How to fix a non-compliant Jamberry graphic - idkblog.com
You can download this image from my image gallery.

You could go a little further with this image if you feel like the client might get lost. It is compliant to number the images as long as you use an approved font and the numbers do not cover any part of the subject wearing the Jamberry product.

How to number your image and keep it Jamberry compliant - idkblog.com
You can download this image from my image gallery.

Once you have your compliant image you just need to remember to post the descriptive text with your image (in case you need it: 1. naked nail, 2. short tip, 3. mid length, 4. long tip).

In case you need a refresher, here is a mock-up of what not to do.

How to make your words Jamberry compliant - idkblog.com

The graphic was cute and clever enough, however it is breaking some compliance rules. The word “Jamberry” can not be on the graphic! The products can’t be on the graphic in combination with the text. And honestly, I don’t think the top and bottom text work together – they are both fighting for attention. I do think that including 4 pretty wraps really helps to sell the B3G1Free promo.

So how could you¬†recreate this graphic to make it compliant? Quick and easy, of course! :) 1) Collage the 4 wraps in their own graphic and save. ¬†2) Create a new word graphic with only compliant text. When you want to run that promotion you will need to post both graphics side by side. There’s no rule saying we can’t post multiple images! You just can’t combine those images into 1 document.

How to post product and text to make it Jamberry compliant - idkblog.com
Download these images from my image gallery.

Pro Tip:

Notice how I got rid of some of the text? It’s extra wording that isn’t necessary to make your point. In marketing you really need to limit your text! You never¬†see a long sentence on a beverage or beauty ad. That is because the more wordy the ad gets the less likely the viewer will stay tuned in. Short and sweet is the key. You could improve this text graphic even further but that is another post. ūüėČ


Decide what works and what doesn’t which will provide you with a starting point. Do you need that particular wrap on hands? Crop it out of the graphic. Do you need the catchy text? Recreate it yourself.

I know it all depends on the graphic you are working with and I LOVE a graphic challenge! If you have something you just can’t figure out how to make compliant let me know and I will have a go at it.

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