3 Free Photo Editing Apps & 3 Easy Steps

Free photo editing applications to improve your Jamberry photos - idkblog.com

Since I have been talking about photographing your Jamberry I thought I should probably share my favorite photo editing applications with you and since we are a frugal crowd I am only going to share the FREE ones. :)

picmonkey home page screenshot
picmonkey home page screenshot

The most popular image editing software amongst Jamsisters is PicMonkey. It’s easy enough to use (though not my fav) and has some very helpful tools. For instance, if you hover your mouse over the “design” button it will give you options for different image sizes based on where you want to post the image. The one that is really helpful is the Facebook cover banner. Click on that and you are given a blank canvas to fill in that fits nicely when you add it to your FB cover photos!

PicMonkey’s ace in the hole is in their paid subscription. It offers pretty much every photo editing option you can hope for, all with a user-friendly interface. The super fantastic thing about these guys is they let you try before you buy! THAT is something we consultants can appreciate, amiright? When editing a pic many of the features are blocked out with a crown indicating it comes with the paid subscription. However, you can still test it out on your image! Give it a go and see if it’s something you can justify paying for. At $33 a year it’s not a bad option.


Very similar to PicMonkey is my preferred editor, BeFunky. The big difference I see is that BeFunky is faster and easier on my computer. PicMonkey used to crash my mac all the time which led to the switch. BeFunky offers FREE beauty editing features like wrinkle remover, bronzer, and cloning – all features that you have to pay for in PicMonkey. Another great feature from BeFunky that is free (unlike the competition) is called flashspot. It is a great little tool for editing pics of your wraps! It brings down the glare/shine on your wraps caused from lighting. Here’s how to use it: upload your pic to photo editor and click on touch up. Next click on flashspot and apply. Here is a really exaggerated example:

befunky photo editing option to bring down glare on Jamberry wraps - idkblog.com

You can also try before you buy with BeFunky. They offer a paid subscription if you want to get in on all the goods for an annual fee of $24.95

Free online photo editing application - idkblog.com

Another free online photo editor worth checking out is Fotor. It is just like the others; easy to use, offers all the photo editing options you would need for personal use, and has an optional subscription membership which is actually free right now! Since it’s in beta you can reap all the benefits of a membership without paying a dime. It does seem to be on par with PicMonkey for bogging down my computer though.

It’s interesting that all 3 applications offer varying free editing tools – feels a bit like a wireless coverage commercial. Since the freebies are all over the place I thought I would create a cheat sheet to show where to find each feature.

Why buy when you could save?

Cheat sheet to show what free photo editing  tools are available - idkblog.com

That’s a lot of different photo editing tools and you likely won’t have a use for all of them. The 3 features you are most likely to use for Jamberry photo editing are shine, wrinkle, and exposure. OK, maybe those aren’t the ones YOU are most likely to use but they are the ones I am encouraging you to try out! I showed you how to bring down the shine on your pic above, now let me show you how and why you need to use the exposure and wrinkle editing tools.

Lets start with deciding which application to use. Exposure is the first place to start when editing a pic and all 3 applications have a comparable exposure editing tool. Of course, the only real way to know this is to try them out (or ask me!). When comparing the features of all 3 wrinkle editing tools I found that the “smoothing” feature in Fotor is actually more effective at smoothing out the wrinkles than the “wrinkle” feature. Go figure. It is also more effective than the wrinkle feature in PicMonkey or BeFunky. So, I want to make sure and do my editing in Fotor if possible.

Improve your Jamberry photo in 3 easy steps

Showing how to adjust a pictures exposure in Fotor - idkblog.com

The first step is to adjust the exposure. In the original image you can see it is really dark and the wrap details are hard to make out. To start in Fotor click on “edit a photo” and upload your original image. Next click on “basic edits” – the pencil on the left, and then click on “basic.” The menu will give you 4 different lighting aspects to play around with. Bump up the brightness, add a tiny bit of contrast, and try to avoid the saturation – adding it usually makes the photo look too exaggerated.

Showing how to adjust the texture of skin iusing the Fotor editing app - idkblog.com

The second step is to bring down the detail in the skin a bit. You don’t want to take away the naturalness of the skin but every teeny tiny little wrinkle is a bit distracting. To fix this click on “beauty” – the little sad face on the left. This will bring up many beauty editing features. The one we want is “smoothing.” You can adjust your brush size down if you need to smooth out the detail around your cuticles. Yep, fix your cuticles while you’re at it. :) To apply the smoothing effect hover your mouse where you want to edit – the editing circle will pop up. Then you click and drag the circle everywhere you want to smooth out. Slide the “years recovered” up and down to determine what level still looks natural enough but also accomplishes the goal.

Easily adjust the glare on your Jamberry nail wraps - idkblog.com

Finally, lets bring down the glare on the wraps. I have seen many Jamicures that look like there’s something gross on the wrap when in reality it’s just the glare from lighting. Since Fotor doesn’t have an option to reduce shine we need to use a different editing application. To transfer from Fotor to BeFunky you need to save your image from Fotor and then open it in BeFunky under “photo editor.” From there click on the edit button and then flashspot. You can adjust all the settings here to test the results. As before, it’s important to make sure the editing looks natural – you don’t want to wipe away all glare on the wraps since they are naturally there.

Before & after

Before and after editing a Jamberry image - idkblog.con

Here’s the before and after using the original image for comparison. The before isn’t bad but the after is clearly an image with a purpose.

There you have it. 3 free photo (try saying that three times fast!) editing applications with varying freebies and 3 really simple ways to improve your Jamberry photography using them!

Do you use photo editing software? Do you pay for it? I would love to hear what others are doing with their photos!

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